02/03/2015  →

This week the fantastic Lipstick Studios talk show will be examining the rocky terrain of our digital landscape. Angela and Braden will be addressing digital literacy, post internet art, online privacy and net neutrality...in only thirty minutes! It'll definitely be some food for thought before you start your day...

The show will also feature two interviews with prominent new media artists Nick Briz and Jeremy Bailey. Listen in on Wednesday, from 8.30-9am. 

27/02/2015  →

Producer SW may or may not be Norwegian, and is possibly affiliated with the Sex Tags Mania guys, but is definitely featuring on Reverie this weekend. Tune in tomorrow evening, from 4-6pm.

27/02/2015  →



For our ninth broadcast on NTS we've recruited cellist Oliver Coates.

We featured tracks from his album Towards the blessed islands in our previous mixes, and his impressive resume lists work with some of our favourite artists. Oliver put together a ninety minute mix which includes music by British composers he's working with, including Caroline Haines (aka CHAINES), Ed Finnis, Na'ama Zisser and Micachu, as well as electronics by Laurie Spiegel and Elysia Crampton juxtaposed with sections featuring William Burroughs' cut-up tapes, Christopher Hitchens speaking and some beatless Actress."

Skyapnea is tomorrow morning, from 8-10am. Always beautiful, and not to be missed!

27/02/2015  →


The Wire Salon

THURSDAY/6-8PM/MONTHLY The Wire magazine's daytime adventures, presented by Shane Woolman and Daisy Hyde.