We’re really excited to be collaborating the official broadcaster for the Dimension / Series project, helmed by Oscar González and Mexican label Static Discos. Over the next month, we’ll be hosting a series of mixes curated by Oscar and Static Discos – first up was Aurora Halal, who selected some amazing tracks for a mix that was aired on Friday evening, and Juju and Jordash, who spun out some brilliance on Saturday night. Their mixes will be followed by mixes from Ben Vida, Vampire Slayer, Leo Belchetz, Fudge Fingas and Eji Val. This is the A-side, if you like, to another series that we’ll be airing early next year, so keep your ears peeled. Some words on the project from its founders:

“Dimension is a series of mixes that attempt to clarify and expand the vision of electronic music, with contributions from different people – DJ’s, journalist music, producers, founders and co-founders of labels – from all around the world, a total of 7 Dimensions and 7 B sides. Dimension Series will reflect a panorama of electronic music from around the world, and enlarge the picture that people see of electronic music. When people listen to the mixes, they’ll find themselves having a different experience with each mixtape, realising that electronic music goes beyond what they have ever imagined.

In everyday life finding a way to meet out emotional needs and express all of our feelings isn’t easy. Dimensions Series will help people to achieve this through the depths of sounds and textures in each mix, and through an academic composition of electronic dance music that has really expressive results.” The dates for the broadcasts are as follows:

Ben Vida: Tuesday 17th December, 2am – 3am

Vampire Slayer: Friday 20th December, 2am – 4am

Leo Belchetz: Saturday 21st December, 12am – 2am

Fudge Fingas: Sunday 22nd December, 12-2am

Eji Val: Tuesday 24th December, 2-4pm

Check out our interview with Oscar González and Ejival from Static Discos below, and make sure you listen to the rest of the broadcast – we’ve previewed the tracklistings and each mix is well worth tuning in for. Enjoy!


NTS: Hey Oscar! We’re really excited about the Dimensions project. First of all, the scene in Mexico isn’t something that everyone over here is intimate with – can you tell us a bit about the electronic music scene in Mexico and Argentina?

OG: Hey NTS! First of all, I want to thank you for the support and coverage on DIMENSION , the Static Discos crew, the label boss Ejival and I are very pleased with the response you’ve given us.

Speaking of Mexico, the non traditional national electronic scene – so to speak – is going from strength to strength, every day it comes out with new projects in many parts of the country. There are many artists and electronic projects, but not everyone of them stays until the end. Also people are undertaking really innovative projects, projects that give electronic music giant steps in the daily life of their careers, both as producers and DJs . Projects like Fax, Vampire Slayer, Machino and although Cubenx and Murcof (these last two are based in other countries) left a very special sound/essence in Mexico. Other artists like White Visitation and Ñaca Ñaca, both outside and inside the country – on the real electronic scene – are amazing projects, projects hosted by some of the best labels of the year such as Opal Tapes and RVNG Intl .

I can say with no doubt about it that Matt Werth, Stephen Bishop and Ejival have a futuristic musical view – I think Static Discos has the most interesting electronic and non-electronic music projects around the country, it makes you feel that electronic music is very alive through Tijuana in Mexico. Ejival has a better picture of what is happening in Argentina, he better will tell us a bit :

Ejival: I became a fan of Latin American electronic music through Argentina. TRAUM records released a compilation that put me in touch with artists that are still relevant today (Gustavo Lamas and Microesfera, to name a few). But that scene has blossomed into something else entirely, from the more root-based Latin electronica of the ZZK label to more traditional electronic techno-based music. According to one of our label’s artist,s Microesfera, “today’s electronic music scene in Buenos Aires is more beautiful and subtle than before. Today’s scene is more diverse.”

NTS: The project is collaboration between you and Static Discos – what is Static Discos like as a label for those not familiar with them, and how did you guys start working together?

OG: Static Discos is a label founded by Ejival. He previously had a small label called Nimboestatic, then founded in 2002 in Tijuana , MX, Static Discos, along with two of his best old friends and great musicians, Ruben A. Tamayo, aka Fax and Fernando Corona, aka Murcof . All I can tell you for those who are not familiar with S.D. that it is an amazing music label, always supporting emerging talent. You’ve  to listen  all their catalog of artists. I’m pretty sure you guys are gonna love it.

As for Dimension / Series, the idea for the project came about four months ago. The first one who knew about this project was my friend Santino – who has been supporting me throughout these months – and I wanted to argue my ideas and visions with him, then share it with Ejival. We talked on the phone and weeks later I saw him at the Mutek MX Festival . We left everything clear, and that day  he also introduced me to Bryan Kasenic, founder of The Bunker, based in NY and to Chuck Pereda, which is part of the B sides SERIE.

Ejival: Static Discos has been going on since 2002 and we have over 60 releases to date. It is a very eclectic label (techno, pop, house and sometimes experimental). We strive to find the best electronic music producers from Mexico in each genre, because the idea is that Static Discos is a platform – what we want is to catapult artists into the international scene. Mexico is always overlooked in this type of music, but we have Murcof, Cubenx, Fax, Childs, Seekers Who Are Lovers and many more to prove that quality and creativity is not an accident in our country.

NTS: We don’t doubt it. And how about yourself Oscar, what’s your own musical background, and what inspired you to do Dimensions?

OG: My life is full of travel and out of time sounds and this is some of my musical background of everyday life : Miles Davis, Sun Ra and his Arkestra, Albert Ayler, Stockhausen, Arvo Pärt, Wolfgang Voigt, Brian Eno, La Perversità, Aube, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Optimo (Espacio), Donato Dozzy, Beppe Loda, AnD, Andy Stott, Vatican Shadow, Laurent Garnier, Dj Koze, Yves De Mey, Move D, Claro Intelecto, DJ Geeneus, Fudge Fingas, Murcof, µ-Ziq, Marcel Fengler, Dj Sprinkles, Morphosis, Thomas Fehlmann, Black Devil Disco Club, Robert Hood, Peter Van Hoesen, Truncate, DJ Qu, Theo Parrish, Terrence Dixon, Demdike Stare, Shackleton, Anthony Parasole, Paul Woolford,  Deutsch Nepal, Mark Van Hoen, Traxx, DJ Rashad, BoC, Dadub, Omar S, Fax, Jeff Mills, Lee Gamble, Juju and Jordash, Madteo, James Murray, Surgeon, Silent Servant, Regis, Steve Moore, Container, Dj October, Levon Vincent, Laurel Hallo, SCSI-9, Sunn O))), Samuel Kerridge, EQD, Errorsmith, Tripeo, Adam X, Svengalisghost, Huerco S, Special Request, Tim Hecker, Haxan Cloack, Afrikan Sciences, The Black Dog,  Helena Hauff, Stellar OM Source, Shifted, Midland,  Basic Soul Unit, Robert Henke, Drexciya, Holly Herndon, Minilogue, Aurora Halal, Go Hiyama, Blondes, Ben UFO, Christoph Berg…

Electronic expeditions in sound always lead me to discover new things, new artists and of course new labels which play an important role in electronic music, because although many labels are small, this allows the relationship between the founders, the label and the artists to have a special and intimate communion, and I think that’s why we as the consumers love them. Kind of like a feedback.

Some of these labels are: R&S, Mule Musiq, 4AD, Modern Love, KOMPAKT, Raster-Noton, Warp, Pampa Records, Static Discos, Fabric Records, Tresor, Ghostly International, Environ, Planet Mu, Ninja Tune, Snow Dog Records, Houndstooth, RVNG Intl., PAN, Opal Tapes, L.I.E.S., Rinse Recordings, Innervisions, Firecracker Recordings, Mister Saturday Night, Rekids, Dekmantel, oktaf, The Corner, Hyperdub, Cocoon Recordings, Modal Analysis, Hotflush, Sandwell District, Crème Organization, Proibito, Morphine Records, Tri Angle, CLR, Downwards, 50 Weapons, Prologue, Kudos Records, DFA, Wicked Bass, Delsin Records,  Livity Sound, Aus Music, SonuoS, Hessle Audio, The Trilogy Tapes, Mutual Dreaming, Digitalis Recordings, Blackest Ever Black, Traum Schallplatten, Ostgut Ton, Avian, Non Projects, Semantica Records, Syncrophone, Concrete Records, Token, Zooloft, Numbers, WT Records, Electronique.it, Keysound Recordings, Versatile Records, Liberation Technologies, Cómeme,  Subject Detroit,  M>O>S Recordings, Silent Season, Sonic Router, Rush Hour, Axis, BPitch Control, Clone Records, Styles Upon Styles, UNO, Confused House, Hypercolour, Werk Discs, FXHE Records, Soma Records, Other Heights, V Records, Don’t Be Afraid, AC Records, White Material, Bosconi Records, Surface Records, Software Records, Spectrum Spools, Stroboscopic Artefacts, Tigersushi, Future Times  - and the list goes on…

I think it’s hard to explain and it’s not because I’m not sure what is DIMENSION/Series about – in my head, all the sounds are very good and perfect, but people each have a different perspective on the project, and I think it’s great that everyone can imagine and feel whatever they please with each Dimension. Some of the things that inspired me to do this project was the love for music, as I believe that music has the power to transport you to other “dimensions”, to make you feel and make you wanna create wonderful things.

NTS: Globalization and the increasingly international nature of the music industry is something that we think about a lot here at NTS, and is obviously a defining aspect of the Dimensions project too. What would you say characterizes each of the cities in the project: LA, London, NY, Tel Aviv-via-Amsterdam, Berlin, Edinburgh, and Tijuana?

OG: Well, I think what characterizes each of these cities is that they are very cosmopolitan cities, and this has led to different sounds meeting each other. Although the artists involved in the series are from different cities, and even though each one of them has been inspired in different ways and by different things, they each try to make their sounds feel unique and real. I think they are not too much different, because at the end of the day have the same language, an infinite love for music.

And this has helped with one of the goals of the series, which is try to clear and open an overview of electronic music in people.

Ejival: Tijuana is one of the most interesting cities in the world, because it combines aspects of Mexico and other parts of the world, but in a way that is very subtle and strange. There is a sense of inbetweenness about the way things work.  Like many cities in Mexico, Tijuana is a troubled place because it is where migration and drug trafficking manifests itself in a more palpable way, but that gives birth to new ways of interacting and solving problems in creative ways. And that also reflects the music, the spaces, the food and the art that is produced in Tijuana.

NTS: Peter Kirn is handling the visuals for the project. What would you say is the concept or idea which most strongly connects the audio and visual elements of Dimensions?

OG: I have been follow the work of Peter for some time, he’s a great musician and journalist, and the way he combines art with technology is very impressive. I think with his visuals he tried to create a special way to immerse ourselves in a place out of time – a timeless place – combining the techno sounds of his NERK/KIRN project and images from a very old movie. I think those elements, when we watch the visuals, transport us to different dimensions, as he himself says, they’re “a trippy trip.”

NTS: How did you select each of the artists behind the mixes for this first installment of the series?

OG: I was listening to ‘Königsforst’ of GAS and preparing a mix for fun and I thought, ‘instead of me making a mixtape, wouldn’t it be better to invite some other artists that have been inspiring me to make a Dimension and share those mixes with people? And why not combine it with some heads of some labels , to have a better understand of their work and to know which music inspires them?

So I started to make a selection based on different styles and based on different labels. Listening to a bit of everything that week, I began to create my own ideas and began to imagine how the Dimensions mixes would be, with different styles, different sound waves, different inspirations…I made a good friendship with some collaborators, people who I admire and have much respect for. And although Aurora, Gal and Jordan, Gavin, Valentín, Cesar, Marcos, Martin, Ben and Nico were busy with their tours, their new albums, Ejival and Leon with your labels, and Peter and Ruben with visual art and the art design and your music, they trusted in the project and now we have the result: Dimensions.

NTS: And who are you thinking of for the next one, can you reveal any names as yet?

OG: Well I don’t want to reveal anything yet, I want it to be a surprise for everyone. But what I can tell you guys is that we are in the process of releasing a physical version in Mexico City with the artists and labels involved in this first edition online, and creating a new label. We hope that NTS Radio can be part of the media invited to this party series in Mexico City, that would be lovely. Many thanks for all, NTS.

NTS: And thank you very much Oscar – really looking forward to all the different shows!