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We are excited to announce that Slimzee will be starting a regular bi-weekly show here at NTS.  Co-founder of Rinse FM, member of the legendary Pay As U Go Cartel, owner of the foundational Slimzos Recordings and commonly referred to as the Godfather of Grime - born in East London, raised through the ranks of pirate radio and eventually shooting to prominence alongside the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Wiley at the turn of the millennium. The very lineage of UK underground music can be traced back to specific Slimzee sets: ask any grime fan to name their favourite musical moments and you can bet your house on his name being mentioned.  Some of the most iconic tracks of the 2000s — including Youngstar’s era-defining Pulse X — were discovered and forced into the public consciousness by Slimzee. We caught up with him this week to see what he has in store for the show...   You started out playing Jungle. Who were the DJs/MCs you followed then? Brockie, Det, Andy C. Most of the Kool FM DJs, back around '92 – that was the station i listened to. There was a few other little ones, Weekend Rush from Hackney was good, but Kool was the one. They had all the best DJs. Were you ever a big jungle/garage raver? What were your favourite raves back in the day? I was setting up for a few different stations those days, putting the aeriels up, so I was quite busy but I went to a few raves still. Telepathy was a good one. I didn’t really go to hardcore raves cos I was too young – my dad wouldn’t let me go [laughs]. I used to go EQ as well, the old Powerhouse at Stratford. What was the best rave you ever played at and why?  Sidewinder 2nd birthday bash. I’m gonna put that up on my Soundcloud actually. That was me, Maxwell, Plague, Wiley. it was the first time we did a Pay As U Go show at a big rave really. That was sick, all dubplates – 'Go DJ’, 'Know We', ‘Got Myself Together', all them ones. You were one of the founding members of the Pay As U Go Cartel. How did that crew form? Well it was me, Plague and this MC called Paco, we were in a little crew called SPP, but Paco left and Major Ace joined – we were on Rinse literally every day at that point and that was doing really well, I’d be playing dark garage and slowed-down drum and bass, you had Plague doing the girls' lyrics and Ace doing his dark flow. Then Maxwell [D], Wiley and Target had their own crew called Ladies Hit Squad, they were on Rinse as well so we all joined together to make Pay As U Go. We got the name from Mega [MC]’s mate Gary off Magic FM, it was one of his lyrics. Then you had Geeneus [current owner of Rinse FM], he was one of our best mates and he’d be making all these tunes for us and I’d be playing them at the raves. That’s how we got big really – all of a sudden we had bookings coming from everywhere, all up and down the country. i was thinking ‘rah we must be doing something good’. People all over the world were trying to get hold of us, it was weird [laughs]. Suddenly going to these raves and everyone knows you You're the godfather of grime and a lot of your radio/rave sets are viewed as classics of the grime sound. You've posted a lot of these on your Soundcloud page. Do you have a favourite set from the grime era? I like the Sidewinder one with B Live, Viper, Wiley and Plague, the one where the gunshots go off. That was the first time I played Pulse Y [by Youngstar], the first time anyone played it. That was at The Sanctuary [Milton Keynes] when it got locked off. I remember it, it was a Saturday, I went Lakeside [shopping centre] with Wiley then we were practising at my house before the rave. Who was/is your favourite MC? Ahhhh I don’t like this question. Everyone says ‘why didn’t you pick me’ [laughs]. Wiley’s my favourite really. I know everyone says Wiley. Is it true that the Rinse studio was in your house once? How did that happen? Yeah, it was in there for about three years. We just had nowhere else to put it so I put it in the bedroom. It wasn't transmitting from that house though, it was linking from there to a tower block. In those days you could just buy the keys to get up the blocks in the shops, most of them were just fire locks with a standard key. you could get the keys at Thompsons [shop], FB keys they were called. They were about £1.50. But then they started using all these other ones, like drop keys and girders. We knew the lift engineers though so they just used to let us use their keys. When did you first hear of NTS? What attracted you to play on NTS? What you got planned for the show? I first heard of it a couple of years ago but I went down there with J Cush [Lit City Trax] when he was over [from NY] a few months ago, we went down with Youngstar and Rapid [Ruff Sqwad]. I’ve listened to a few of the shows, it feels like a good place to be. Somewhere I can do my own thing. Play some new stuff and some old stuff, bring some guests on like we used to do. I haven’t done regular radio for a few years, I’m really looking forward to getting back into it. How healthy is the grime scene now in your view? It’s really different now, it’s a completely different scene. You’ve got a few different things called grime. I don’t call myself a grime DJ really, I just play 140 tempo, you know what I mean? Bits of grime, garage, some American stuff. Back in the day everyone knew each other, you couldn’t just drop a tune and get big straight away, it was locked. Especially when it was garage. You’d try to break through and no one would let you through. Dreem Team [garage crew] and all those people wouldn’t just let you in for no reason. That’s why we built our own thing up. It’s easier to get a name now with the Internet, you can just drop a tune and get big even if you come from nowhere. It’s just different, it’s hard to say if it’s better or not. There’s more music but there's not as much community. Things don't last long. What's your favourite dubplate you own? I like the 8 bar thing we did, it hasn’t got a name. Me and Gee made it, I chose the tracks and put them in order, I recorded the mixes and Gee cleaned it up on the computer. Dizzee’s manager [Nick ‘Cage’ Detnon] has got that on his computer, the original file. If he’s still got it tell him I want it! You ran a label called Slimzos. Did you have a favourite release from the label? There was two I liked best, ‘Bump Dis' from Oddz and The Breakdown by Geeneus [as Wizzbit]. The Gee tunes were all good. I don’t know what sold the most.   Interview by Brav Slimzee's first show with us is Thursday 24th April 10pm - midnight. Tune in...

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92 Points members Miles Wu-Lu and Hector Plimmer launched CRATES: their ever welcoming monthly boutique music and record swap event held monthly at Brixton's Ritzy Cinema. 12 months have passed since its launch and the duo are hosting an all day birthday party to celebrate. They will be bringing them a plethora of guests to perform live and select records to play, including but not limited to our very own NTS family members: Michael (92 Points), Bradley Miller aka CKTRL (72 Nations) and Tenstoreys. The party is happening on the 20th of April 2014 at Brixton East, South West London. Check the flyer below for further details.  

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GETME! residents and special guests all night at Ace Hotel, 8pm-2am - hit up the facebook event for free entry.

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