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Having worked with south London based artist Richard Sides at this year's edition of Volcano Extravaganza, the yearly contemporary art festival hosted by the Fiorucci Art Trust, we're especially excited to catch him at the ICA in a couple of weeks time. Sides will be presenting a two-part programme as part of the ICA project Journal. Grab tickets for a fiver or less here, and see more info below.

"Featuring live musical performances from Theo Burt, EVOL, Mark Fell and Lorenzo Senni, artist Richard Sides presents a two-part programme of activity in the ICA Theatre, including screenings of the artist’s new documentary don’t blow it in the vector (2014).

Presented by Richard Sides as part of Journal, this multi-disciplinary performance event continues the artist’s interest in computer music and subcultural scenes. Exploring both the documentary genre and the work of producers, DJs, artists, musicians and composers, Sides’ new documentary presents a montage of music samples alongside clips from conversations with the four musicians performing as part of this event. These conversations took place in York, Rotherham, Barcelona and Milan.

Saturday 6 September: do blow it in the vector 1pm – 4pm £5 / £3 ICA Members Theo Burt, EVOL, Mark Fell and Lorenzo Senni participate in a seated ‘lecture’ with performances. Each of these artists are featured in Richard Sides’ new documentary don't blow it in the vector (2014).

8pm – 12am £5 / £3 ICA Members Live performances from Theo Burt, EVOL, Mark Fell and Lorenzo Senni.

Sunday 7 September: don’t blow it in the vector 11am – 6pm Free with ICA Day Membership The ICA Theatre hosts a temporary installation screening Richard Sides' new documentary don’t blow it in the vector (2014). The documentary will be screened on loop.

As part of don’t blow it in the vector, Sides has created as an ongoing catalogue of texts and paraphernalia specifically generated for the project​.​ This can be found at bus-editions.com​/bus012​, which is a publishing project created and organised by the artist."

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"Monster Playground and Raw Material have collaborated to put together a Audio visual installation based around the beauty of SAMPLING. Looking back into some of the defining eras of music and culture that has helped influence us as musicians.



Team: Kwake Bass Hector Plimmer Wu-Lu Nãnci Correia Reiss G FLOetic Lara : The Singer,Song Writer and Poet

Visuals By Barka http://barka-art.tumblr.com/

Sets From - Ben Hauke https://soundcloud.com/bjaminFlava Dré Dre https://soundcloud.com/flavadre - Clge https://soundcloud.com/clgeclge - Dan."

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This is lovely - Kutmah picks some of his favourite records for FACT TV, and tells some nice anecdotes along the way. Definitely worth a watch, and look out for links to each of the tracks he mentions in the description.

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Check out this incredible film on competitive skateboarding showing at the ICA over the next few weeks: All This Mayhem, directed by Eddie Martin. More info below, and ticket link in here.

"The ICA is happy to announce the addition of two Q&A sessions for All This Mayhem:

  • On Friday 15 August we will be joined by director Eddie Martin via Skype 
  • On Sunday 17 August we will be joined by skating legend Tas Pappas himself via Skype
In the late 1990s, the world of competitive skateboarding witnessed the meteoric rise of Tas and Ben Pappas, two close-knit Australian brothers from the wrong side of the tracks who arrived in America to pursue their passion as soon as they turned 16. Both extraordinarily talented, the tough, charismatic older brother Tas and the quieter, more thoughtful Ben even toppled the venerable Tony Hawk to rank numbers one and two in the world. But their dazzling achievements rapidly started to unravel through a staggering series of events, and when they were separated through Ben’s imprisonment for drug-trafficking, each of their lives threatened to implode completely. Reminiscent of 2012’s The Imposter for its jaw-dropping revelations, this incredible documentary is bolstered by home-movie clips, archive interviews with the brothers and their peers, and stunning competition footage.

All This Mayhem, dir. Eddie Martin, UK/Australia 2014, 104 mins, cert 15."